Technologies and Inventions

The following list contains the inventions that have currently been made available for approved visitors in this system. After login it is possible to download one-pagers and find more information about the presenters. Also after login it is possible to schedule 1:1 meetings with inventors behind the inventions below.

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The list is organized in four sections based on technology category, and will be updated on a weekly basis.



Advanced Material and Technologies

3-D printed Titanium - Light weight, best corrosion and wear performance
Anti-Counterfeiting Tech - Unbreakable physical encryption based on unclonable functions
Copenhagen Nanosystems - NanoCuvette series
Double U-core Switched Reluctance Machine - Improved performance of the Switched Reluctance technology
KU Dyes -Exclusive or made-to-order fluorescent dyes
Magnetic Lead Screw(MLS) actuator with integrated spring/pump
Particle 3D - Novel 3D printing technique for extrusion of powders.
RadiSurf ApS - Designing the Adhesion Technology of Tomorrow
Titanium surface hardened -  The optimal material against corrosion and wear


Digital and ICT

Global Lighting Standard - Efficient Street Light Measurements
Mlytico - Advanced Data Driven Solutions
RoboPointer - better user-interface for industrial robotics in few of a kind production
Shape Robotics - Fable: Modular Robots for Learning 21st Century Skills
Smooth Robotics - Learning by demonstration, welding made easy
VIKING Computational Microscope


Energy and Environment

Aqubiq ApS
Improved Biofuel Production
Light-driven Enzymes for Processing of Carbon
PV LED ENGINE - Converter electronics enabling high efficient solar powered lighting
Spectro Inlets ApS
The next generation of Supercapacitors for energystorage
VisBlue - Energy storage
Green diesel from biomass waste
A new method for H2O2 control in advanced oxidation processes for water treatment


Bioetech and Health Care

A method for diagnosing a migraine
Aglance Solutions - Navigate Pain
Antimicrobial adjuvants
Axo-Suit, human intention detection system for motion assistance
Biomarkers for ALI - Early Identification of Hypoxemia and Acute Lung Injury
Blood-Based Marker for Pancreatic Cancer -Enabling Early Diagnosis and Improves Prognosis
Chromologics -Natural colorants for your food and cosmetic application
COA CARE -Safe and personalized management of anticoagulation treatment
Co-amorphous mixtures - The solution to your solubility problems
Early Diagnosis of Neuropathy - Prevent irreversible nerve damage in diabetes and chemotherapy
Eckardt Leakage Detector - Improved readout of Chest Drainage Unit
EMBARC - Engineering modulators of brown adipose receptors
EV Array - High-throughput Multiplexed Phenotyping of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)
GlioPharma ApS - Novel potential approach to treat Glioblastoma
GlyProVac - exploring novel bacterial O-glycosylated peptide antigens
Green Protein: Nutritional, organic food and feed protein from green biomass
GreenMed - early, efficient and cost effective detection and treatment of bladder cancer
HipCap implant - novel hip replacement device
Hypocretin in blood - Development of blood based diagnostic test for narcolepsy 
ImmuMap Services - Elucidating the mechanism-of-action to advance immune therapy
Killing cancer by STipe - STING targeting immunopeptides for enhanced responses
Knee Laxity in 3D - Accurate non-invasive assessment of knee laxity in 3D
Lipid-polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles for Oligonucleotide Delivery
MethylDetect - cutting edge DNA methylation detection technology for cancer research and diagnostics 
MFAP4 blocking antibody  - a new potential drug for wet AMD and DR
Minimally-invasive endoscopic treatment
Multiple Sclerosis and the incretin system - Neuroendocrine targets for optimized first-line treatment  
New antibiotics against MRSA
New risk marker for cardiovascular disease and diabetes
New treatment for otitis media -with retroauricularsteroid injection
Novel therapy for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Novel treatment of paediatric pain
Objective Pain Assessment - Reducing chronic Pain by Patient Specific Pain Management
PanCryos - Developing a scalable cell therapy for Type 1 diabetes
Particle 3D - Novel 3D printing technique of bone implants with drug delivery
PCSK9 inhibitors - cholesterol lowering agents - treatment of ischemic heart disease
PMPS Personalized Muscle Preservation System
Polyneedle - polymer needles for medical injections
Predictive biomarkers for acute lung injury
Price Winning Formulation - Colonoscopy Preparation: Easing the burden on patients
Prognostic miRNA Classifier - Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas
RAS SSOs -Novel approach to targeting RAS oncogenes
Rev-CLIP - A new method to iden,fy drug and biomarker candidates
Targeting TONSL for cancer therapy - Structure-based design of novel small molecules inhibitors
TracInnovations - Markerless and MRI Functional Motion Tracker and Monitor System
Trophic mechanisms in neurological disorders
Tunable 3D printed hyaluronan scaffolds for drug discovery
TURB - a unique device for en bloc retrieval of large bladder tumours
UCPH - The Cas9/CRISPR for plants
Volumetric Assessment of the Colon - a semi-automatic segmentation method
β-Bodies - antibody mimetics with ultrahigh affinity and specificity
An antibody-drug conjugate for novel treatment of cancer
Antimicrobial Peptides with Designed Species Specificity
ASKARI - A novel antiparasitic drug for treatment of parasitic infections in hens
Novel co-agonists for osteoporosis treatment
EchoSkye - Automated analysis of enzyme kinetics
New peptide-based compounds for modulating GABAergic transmission